Anything ELSE?

Programmer pilot fish at a county agency is working on a major project, but he's also tapped for small fixes when they're needed.

"One of our systems prints licenses for food facilities," says fish. "Among the facilities are mobile units that are pretty much in fixed locations, and there's a box on the license-generating page to check designating them as 'semi-permanent.'

"Program manager contacts me: Could I remove the words 'Mobile Unit' from the top of the licenses of semi-permanent places?

"It's an easy fix, but as I go in and modify the license printing program, I can feel the solution I had for the big project evaporate.

"I pick up the pieces and have just gotten back in a groove on my big project when the program manager contacts me again:

"Since I was able to remove the previous blurb, could I now add the words 'Semi-Permanent' at that location?"

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