But probably not

Since this company went to a centralized help desk, several systems have been taken over by corporate and the divisional help desk where this pilot fish works no longer has any access to them.

"We have been trying to encourage our users to call the central line for support," says fish. "Of course, we have some users that refuse. One in particular calls several times per week, sometimes multiple times per day.

"The latest call from this user just came in. She called to inform me that the email distribution list for her group had been deleted.

"I told her that I would check and, indeed, the list had been deleted. I then explained that I no longer have access to tools for creating distribution lists, so I couldn't do anything about it.

"She continued to say, 'We have a major problem here. I've sent in a ticket...'

"I once again told her, 'I'm sorry, this one has to go through the central line -- we don't have access to that.'

"It felt really good to tell her she had to go through central -- otherwise I might have ended up doing it for her. Maybe she'll learn...eventually."

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