It's the personal service that we like so well

It's the mid-1990s, and this pilot fish works for a big bank on the leading edge of the huge consolidations happening at the time.

"The bank had chosen a very nice DOS-based product from a small vendor to do all of the loan documents at the local branches," says fish. "The vendor was delighted and everyone there did their best to make everything work for this huge client that was only getting bigger. They added staff and help desk and went to 24/7 support, but they still had that small-business feel.

"In the middle of a huge merger, I was testing the vendor product against the legal requirements of the several states being added to the system. I navigated off a screen and got this error message:

This shouldn't happen, call Ian.

"We chuckled and I called the vendor support line and asked, 'Hi, is Ian there?'

"The first responder said, 'Oh, @#$%!' but darned if she didn't get Ian on the phone to get it fixed -- which he did."

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