Apple's Tim Cook tells Microsoft: Ours is bigger than yours.

In his keynote address at WWDC, Tim Cook couldn't resist dissing Microsoft, at several points badmouthing the paltry growth of PCs and Windows 8, and contrasting them with Apple's much bigger growth numbers. Size certainly does matter...but are Cook's claims really accurate?

The wide-ranging, multi-hour keynote covers a new version of iOS, Maps, new MacBooks, Mac Pros, Safari, and plenty more, the usual Apple show, minus the showmanship of Steve Jobs.

Cook made sure to take swipes at how badly Windows 8 has been faring and the sluggish PC market, contrasting that with Apple's successes. He claimed, for example, that the PC business has grown only three percent over the last five years, versus 15% for Apple's Mac business. He added that 28 million copies of the Mac's latest version of Mac OS X, Mountain Lion, have been sold, and that 37% of all of those with Macs use it. As for Windows 8, he said it is "struggling to get to 5 percent."

He's right about growth rates. But in terms of sheer volume, Windows machines far outstrip Macs. They don't have quite the monopoly that they used to in times past, but Windows is by far the dominant operating system for traditional computers in the world today. And it will stay that way for many years into the future.

Then again, if you take iOS devices into account, Apple certainly beats out Microsoft. And Apple's market share will certainly grow faster than Microsoft's, given the success of iOS devices compared to Windows tablets and Windows Phone devices.

So give Cook his due. Apple has clearly been outperforming Microsoft. He gets to brag all he wants.

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