Whatever you want, yeah, that's what it does

IT director pilot fish gets a cold call from a sales rep who's obviously new to his IT services organization.

"He was trying to interest me in a vendor he was representing and wondering if I had any storage needs," says fish. "I told him most of our applications are hosted, but we have about 2 TB of data on a small SAN we were thinking of replacing.

"While he was describing the product. I jumped on the vendor website and saw their smallest array is 8 TB and uses SSD storage. I told him I thought the solution was too big and probably too expensive because of the SSD.

"He asked, 'What's SSD?'

"So I quickly made up that it stands for Safe Storage and Destruction.

"His answer: 'Oh yes, it will store everything you want to safely, and destroy all the data you don't need anymore.'"

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