See, this is how bosses learn things

This pilot fish has worked for the past two years as an IT assistant at a high school, and that means every now and then there are bound to be disagreements with the boss.

Case in point: "Every summer, we are supposed to take a computer, clean it up and set it aside for imaging," says fish. "I wanted to erase the hard drive, update the computer and load all of the programs onto it so I could be sure that it would be running optimally.

"My boss thought it would be better if I just removed the temporary files and removed unwanted programs. After a short debate, I did what I was told and 'cleaned it up' his way.

"We cloned the hard drive to all the other 100-plus computers in the school. All seemed well until the week before school started, when we could not attach the computers to the domain.

"One of our other IT guys had an idea. He took a computer and scanned it for viruses, Sure enough, it had several. And if one had it, so did all the others. We were running around with flash drives, fixing every computer one by one.

"From that point on, we decided to do clean installs of computers that were set to be cloned."

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