Nobody said NOT to use email for that...

It's a few years ago, and this pilot fish manages the mail servers for his company. "We had a cap on the size of email going to the Internet, but at the time they didn't want restrictions on internal mail," says fish.

"One day, one of the servers ground to a crawl, but didn't quite crash. Upon investigation, we found that one of the users had sent an attachment that was hundreds of megabytes in size -- to herself.

"When we asked her what it was for, she said that she was going to be getting a new computer and didn't want to lose any of her files. She didn't understand -- or maybe didn't trust -- that the service desk team would copy everything over to her new hardware for her, so she compressed nearly her entire local C: drive and mailed it to herself.

"We got permission to extend the size restrictions to internal mail that same day."

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