Facebook's latest data grab causes user uproar

Facebook (NASDAQ:FB) users are revolting. Voting has opened on the new privacy and governance rules; it looks like an overwhelming number are against the change. However, it sounds like it may just be a waste of time and effort.

In IT Blogwatch, bloggers reckon Facebook will just ignore the vote anyway.


Your humble blogwatcher curated these bloggy bits for your entertainment.

G'day, Rebecca Merrett:

Facebook users are already voting against the proposed changes. ... Facebook said it is not changing users’ ownership [of] content, it is not removing privacy control settings...and it is not changing its advertising guidelines.


Many people stated they are voting “no” against the changes. ... About 55,000 comments have been made via the our-policy.org website.  MORE

Iain Thomson adds background:

On November 21, the company announced that it wanted to change its rules to get rid of the system of user voting...[and] proposed changes to the site's policies on data sharing, enabling a larger selection of information to be shared so that advertisers can be sold more info.


These ideas raised a storm among privacy groups. ... "Based on your feedback and after consultation with our regulators...we’ve further clarified some of our proposals," said Elliot Schrage. ... On the face of it, not much has changed with the updated proposals. ... Given that quorum...has yet to be achieved...it looks likely that the new system will be decided upon at management's discretion..  MORE

Casey Johnston links it up:

The gates are open on what may be Facebook’s last sitewide vote. ...one of [the changes] will remove the...need to alert users and solicit their feedback on changes.


The voting page will remain open until December 10 at 12pm PST.  MORE

Meanwhile, Scott Yates dons his tinfoil hat:

The conspiracy theorist in me thinks that the spam that went around on FB last week...with all that Berne convention junk was a plant...to desensitize people to this vote. ... This has a simliar enough feel that I bet millions of people will ignore this legit one.  MORE

My, Gregor Wolf, what big teeth you have:

While facebook continues to say that ownership remains with the person who submitted content...facebook requests an unneeded right to use the content. Once it it has been used, it does not help to revoke content. It would be simple for facebook to reduce the requested right to the publication on facebook, any further right is not needed. The commercial reason behind it is obvoius, but not acceptable.  MORE

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