Why we love our users

IT support pilot fish comes back from a day off and checks email -- and almost immediately comes upon a message from a user, timestamped 2 p.m. the previous day:

When you set up the new printer on my computer last week, all went just fine. I printed off some papers this morning --- then around noon today it just stopped. It keeps comes up as an "outbind error." If you get a chance, can you please take a look at it for me?

Fish makes a note to check on it and keeps plowing through the mail -- and soon finds another message from the user:

I was about to email you and let you know that all the computers here in our department are having trouble with the printer. Then (I hate to admit this) Fred, who sits next to the new printer, noticed -- it was unplugged! All is good now!

Sighs fish, "While I applaud them figuring it out for themselves, I wonder what they did for half a day with no one being able to print, and why only one person noticed their lack of printing ability. Oh, well."

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