Well, job security IS something to be thankful for

VP of sales calls this support pilot fish to complain that her files are missing and she needs them back right away.

"I went to the VP's office, where she showed me the Open File dialog box. The file she was looking for was not there, although other files could be seen in the folder. She assured me that she was in the right folder and that she had important work to do.

"The dialog box was set to display only Word documents. I changed it to show all files and suddenly, there was the file she was wanting. It was actually an Excel spreadsheet.

"I explained the difference between the file types, closed Word and opened Excel, and she went about her work. I suggested she use Windows Explorer to browse to where the file was and double-click the file and the correct application would automatically open.

"A few months later, I received a call from the same VP saying her file would not open. The Open File dialog box was still set to show all files. She was trying to use Word to open her Excel document. I changed the setting to show only Word documents.

"She still doesn't really understand the need to use the correct application to open a specific file. When computer training comes up, she refuses to attend. After all, as a VP she knows all she needs to know, and she uses the computer every day."

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