Apple's UK 'apology' may JAIL Tim Cook

The UK Court of Appeal is deeply unhappy with Apple (NASDAQ:AAPL). It says the company hasn't complied with the court order. One of the judges said he was "at a loss," which is British English for total incredulity. Legal experts are predicting that company officers could be thrown in jail if Apple doesn't back down.

In IT Blogwatch, bloggers break out the popcorn.

Tim Cook: ''we're sowwy''

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Karen Haslam says "Apple's in trouble again":

...the being described as "non-compliant" with the original court order. ... At a hearing in London...Apple was told that the revised statement must have an 11-point font and be displayed on the [home] page.


Apple reportedly asked for...14 days to revise the statement, but the judge said he "cannot believe" it would take so long. ... Apple also has to take out adverts publicizing the statement.  MORE

Aunty Beeb speaks peace unto nation:

Apple was publish a message making it clear that Samsung had not infringed the iPad's registered design. ...[But it] did not comply with the court order. ... Apple, told judges that [it] thought that it had complied with the court order.


Samsung complained that the notice posted by Apple was "inaccurate and misleading" because it added comments about other rulings...that had gone in the iPad-maker's favour. ... The intention, judges said, was not to make Apple "grovel", but to remove "commercial uncertainty."  MORE

And Philip Elmer-Dewitt snips the snark:

The first paragraph of Apple's notice...did as it was ordered. But in five subsequent paragraphs the company's statement not only quoted Judge Colin the effect that Samsung's tablets "are not as cool," as Apple's, but added [text about German and U.S. cases].


Apple was ordered to remove the offending paragraphs within 24 hours and add a three-sentence note...within 48 hours acknowledging the "incorrect statement."  MORE

But Jonny Evans is talkin' 'bout Bagism, Shagism, Dragism, Madism, Ragism, Tagism:

I’ll always feel Apple is justified in thinking Google was inspired by many of its iOS ideas. ... But I also think it's time to stop fighting and get back to inventing.


Give peace a chance...the smartphone wars must stop. I wish all the parties...would simply man up, say sorry, and reach non-punitive deals. ... It’s only really Apple that says it would prefer to avoid legal action, while engaging in legal action. ... It’s time for Apple to end its Android war. It’s time for the Android people to at least admit the debt they owe Apple. ... Surely it’s move on to more exciting stories.  MORE

Michael Gardner opines thuswise:

The completely against the spirit of the Court of Appeal's ruling and appears to be in breach. ... [It] referred to a German injunction that the Court of Appeal held had been wrongly granted.


Apple have only themselves to blame that they were ordered to publish the notice. ... It was their own actions which had convinced the order them to put the notice on their website. ...if Apple do not get a grip they are likely [to be] in contempt of court. ...the Court can jail officers of a company and impose substantial fines.  MORE

Meanwhile, Anna Leach sucks the last from the story: [You're fired -Ed.]

Apple's mention of the German court ruling took it into murky territory, as the UK court decision should have been binding for [Europe].  MORE

Mike Stone rants similarly:

I wonder if they'll actually show it before someone throws Cook's ass in jail.  MORE

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