10 portable battery chargers keep your device powered

No matter how powerful the battery, it's nearly impossible to keep your mobile device running though a busy day. Here are some mobile chargers that can help.
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Who among us hasn’t found ourselves silently cursing smartphone developers when our batteries run out of juice just when we need them most? These small but powerful portable battery chargers can help you out in a pinch; some can even charge your tablet, too. Just throw one of these handy little gadgets in your bag or pocket and you'll never find yourself without a power source when you are on the go. Arranged from largest capacity to lowest, here are 10 mobile battery chargers that can help keep you in power.

But wait -- there's more! Although many of these 2013 chargers are still around, you may want a look at 2014's great devices. When you're finished going through the 10 chargers shown here, check these out as well:

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