Luxury tech: A gift guide for the 1%

There's no shortage of tech gear aimed at those for whom price is no object. From French Revival PCs to gem-encrusted flash drives, these outrageously expensive gadgets and gizmos prove that having a lot of money doesn't guarantee good sense or good taste.
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Credit: MWE Lab

The lap of luxury: <a target='new' href=''>Emperor 200 workstation</a>

A regular old desk chair is just not good enough for the financial elite. MWE Lab's $49,150 Emperor 200 workstation starts with a leather recliner that can be electronically adjusted and adds three 27-in. screens that combine for an amazing 7860-x-1440-pixel wraparound view.

The power chair is climate controlled, and you can order it with a high-performance Windows or Mac system. The whole thing weighs nearly 500 pounds, sits on a raised pedestal that can rotate the seat 360 degrees and is controlled by an Android tablet with a 10-in. screen.

For those whose portfolio has taken a beating, MWE's lesser (but still impressive) Emperor 1510 sells for $5,950 and does without the leather, the computer and some of the doodads.

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