Hurricane Sandy path kills events by Google, Facebook, WSJ (update)

The Hurricane Sandy path causes Google, Facebook, and the Wall Street Journal to cancel events planned for this week. And Google's philanthropic arm offers updates on the storm's progress and emergency information. Also, how much do our cloud-computing needs rely on that part of the county?

In IT Blogwatch, bloggers hunker down and hope for the best for the denizens of the East.

Your humble blogwatcher curated these bloggy bits for your entertainment.

Armando Rodriguez is sad not to see a Nexus 10 or Android 4.2:

Google has cancelled its Monday morning event in New York City. ... New York Governor Andrew Cuomo declared a state of emergency, and the now in an evacuation zone.


Google was expected to take the wraps off several new pieces of hardware [and] an updated version of Android, but...Nature had other plans.  MORE

Walt Mossberg and Kara Swisher swish out of the city that never sleeps:

It is with great regret that we have to announce that...we are postponing our...conference.


We deeply apologize to attendees, presenters and sponsors, but the situation is truly out of our hands., Amtrak trains, and even New York subway service, [are] canceled. ... Our first priority is to keep people out of danger. ... The latest predictions we’ve seen are for surges of five feet or more in New York Harbor. ...the conference giving full refunds and waiving cancellation fees.  MORE

And David Murphy adds a third victim of happenstance:

ow Facebook is the next tech company that's (wisely) deciding to cancel...officially postponing two events. ... One, an engineering open house, and the other, an event promoting [its] Gifts service..


Facebook users...with access to the limited roll out of the Gifts platform...can select from more than 100 different retail stores [for] a gift to send their friends.  MORE

But Neha Prakash worries that we'll all suffer:

...meteorologists are predicting no mercy from the Category 1 storm. ...hurricanes have a history of knocking out the tech that keeps us going.


Datacenters are most critical. ...sites like Netflix and Dropbox, Amazon, Apple and Google all rely on these. ... And we all rely on the cloud services they provide. ... The servers, housed largely in...high-intensity storm zones, have had a history of being taken down, but companies are feverishly working...before Sandy strikes.  MORE

Meanwhile, Google's Ka-Ping Yee tries to help:

Already responsible for a reported 41 deaths...Some are calling [it] “Frankenstorm” due to its potential mix of both winter and tropical cyclone weather. ...we hope that you get the information you need to make preparations and stay safe.


The Google Crisis Response team has assembled a Hurricane Sandy map to help you track the storm’s progress and provide updated emergency information. ... We’ve also launched a map specific to New York City, featuring evacuation zone shelters, weather information and...webcams. ... We’ll continue to update these maps as more information becomes available.  MORE
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