Trust us, it always looks better when it works

Pilot fish working for a city government gets a call from one department's receptionist, who tells him the network has disappeared -- or at least, her documents have.

"She said that she clicked on her shortcut to the network's Public folder and can't see any of the documents she has been working on, only older documents," says fish.

"Then, as I am finishing up some other things before checking out the problem, I get a call from another person saying the same thing."

Fish knows there are a few PCs in the office that are prone to drop their connections to the network and lose their mapping to whatever network folder they may be pointing to, so he heads over to the receptionist's desk and look at her PC's mapping.

At first glance, it looks right, and its addressing looks fine.

And double-clicking on the appropriate mapped area, he confirms that the receptionist is right too -- there are only older documents showing up.

But after a little poking around, fish notices that somehow the name of the 'Executive' folder has changed to 'EXECUTIVE DRIVE.'

That identifies the problem, but doesn't explain it. Fish asks around the office, but no one will admit to having changed it -- until the Executive Secretary 'fesses up.

"On one of her many breaks from surfing the Internet and 'Facebooking,' she decided to just browse all of the public folders on the network," sighs fish. "She changed the name of the folder because she didn't like the way 'Executive' looked -- thereby killing everyone's mapping to the network.

"The name was changed back, everyone's mapping and shortcuts were restored, and the secretary was told to just stay on Facebook."

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