Technically correct, but...

Help desk pilot fish gets a call from a user who's trying to log onto a company mainframe via the network -- but he just can't get it to work.

"These external users log in via a monochrome terminal screen," fish explains. "The login screen has our company network logo displayed across it thusly: Each letter in the logo is made of a couple hundred smaller letters. The large 'P' is made of numerous smaller 'P's, and so on.

"We asked this frustrated user the usual questions about his password being correct, if his user name was locked, and what screen he was seeing on his terminal. He said he didn't know what screen was displayed, so we asked him if he could see the large PCNET logo on the screen. He said no.

"Our next step in this troubleshooting process was to ask the user to read the first line of text he sees -- to which he promptly replied, 'PPPPPPP CCCCCCCCCC NNNNNNNNN EEEEEEEEEEEE TTTTTTTTTTTTT.'

"Needless to say, my colleague placed his phone on mute so the customer could not hear our raucous laughter. Then we asked him to step back about five feet and tell us what he saw on his screen then."

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