Windows 8: Is it really terrible and weak?

A usability guru, Jakob Nielsen, loudly slams Windows 8, calling it weak and terrible. Will Microsoft (NASDAQ:MSFT) fans take this lying down? You must be kidding.

In IT Blogwatch, bloggers line up to take sides.

Windows 8

Your humble blogwatcher curated these bloggy bits for your entertainment.

Preston Gralla can't help but agree with Nielsen's rating:

...his conclusion is a stark one: Windows 8 is bad on tablets, and even worse on PCs. ... He has a say...essentially all of it bad.


I think many of his criticims are on target, although I don't agree that Windows 8 is "weak on tablets." ... I've said from the first time I looked at the earliest versions of Windows 8...that it was a mistake to have a single operating system for both tablets and PCs.  MORE

Steven J. Vaughan-Nichols plows a similar furrow:

[I hate] the new Windows 8 interface. ... It replaces the windows, icons, menus...we've known for decades with those annoying tiles. ... [The] like the old Windows...except it's uglier and harder to use. ... Metro is change for the sake of change.


Microsoft not only dumped its old desktop interface, it also changed basic functionality. ...what was so wrong with the Start button? ... Years of development, over a year in open beta, and this is the best they can do?  MORE

Jakob Nielsen trolls Redmond:

From a that emphasized powerful commands to the point of featuritis, smothers usability with big colorful tiles. ...having two environments on a single device is a prescription for usability problems.


There's a reason GUI designers used to make objects look more detailed and actionable than they do in the Metro design. ... This is no doubt a retort to Apple's overly tangible..."skeuomorphic" design style in iOS. ... I think a compromise would be better.


[Don't] accuse me of being an Apple fanboy or a Microsoft hater. ... I switched from Macintosh to Windows...and have been very pleased with Windows 7. ... [I] hope for better times with Windows 9. One great thing about Microsoft is that they do have a history of correcting their mistakes.  MORE

But Danny Hooverdoqz just shakes his head:

People. If you can't learn to use this go and find your crayons. ... It's like throwing a MacBook at someone who's used nothing but windows. It will take time.  MORE

So is this what's depressing new PC sales? Paul Thurrott analyzes:

...what’s really holding back the OS is an issue that plagues every Windows release: uninspiring new PC designs. ... For over a decade now, every single Windows release has been marred by the slow and uninspiring reactions of the firm’s PC maker partners. ... PC makers haven’t risen to the challenge. Again.


I do expect PC makers to recover, trim down their lineups to the models that people actually want, and begin to truly innovate [but] I can’t believe that none of them could do better right up front.  MORE
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