And that's why IT departments exist

Pilot fish gets hauled into a meeting with his supervisor and their boss, who really hates this organization's website -- and it has to change, or else.

"I want it changed by the end of the month," boss says.

Impossible, fish says. Number one, change it to ... what? Number two, the end of the month is only two weeks away. Impossible.

"What if we pay someone outside the company to build it?" Fish heaves a sigh and points out it's still impossible.

He presents a realistic timeline and is told to get to work.

Flash forward several months later, and it's now time for fish to show the redesigned test site to his supervisor, who's only slightly less confused by technology than the boss.

But as fish begins his demonstration, something else catches his supervisor's attention. "What's that?" he asks.

What's ... what? fish asks, genuinely confused.

"That! What is that?" What are you looking at? fish asks. "That! That, right there!" Supervisor is now actually touching fish's monitor, and point at ... the address bar.

"What is that?! I don't have one of those!" supervisor says.

Uh, yes you do, says fish, who knows because his supervisor is using the same browser as fish, who set it up for him.

"No, no, I don't have that on my computer," supervisor insists. You do, baffled fish says. I know you do. I've seen it. You can't do much without it if you want to surf the web.

Supervisor is getting irritated. "I don't have that," he says. Fine, says fish, show me.

Supervisor leads fish down the hall, sits down in his chair, turns on the PC and launches the browser.

And there it is. "Huh. I've never seen that before," says supervisor.

Fish is flabbergasted. What? he says. You're kidding, right? How have you been visiting websites all these years?

"Oh, I just click on the links people send me."

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