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Expectation of the new iPad mini is high. Will it indeed cost from $249? Is Apple preparing to cannibalize the iPod touch market in favor of remaining king of the tablet jungle? Will it have a Retina Display and does Apple plan to introduce lovely new iBookstore elements within the next version of iTunes? And what's this about a new MacBook Pro with Retina Display? We'll be here bringing you the answers to these -- and any other -- questions during the Apple keynote.

Join us for the Apple Event, Tuesday, October 23, 1 PM Eastern / 10 AM Pacific.

@jonnyevans_cw #iPadMini The iPhone shipped 100 million units in 4 years. iPad did that in 2.5 years. I'm pondering if iPad mini will multiply this more...

@jonnyevans_cw #iPadMini And Wall street does what it does on news -- sells (always buy on rumour). http://www.google.com/finance?client=ob&q=NASDAQ:AAPL

@jonnyevans_cw #iPadMini Apple PR for iPad mini http://www.apple.com/pr/library/2012/10/23Apple-Introduces-iPad-mini.html

@jonnyevans_cw #iPadMini MIA: iTunes update…one imagines we'll see it arrive just in time for the product to ship, tho

@jonnyevans_cw #iPadMini Cook says thanks to all the Apple staff. Says thanks for joining us and that's it -- end of show.(And Bertrand Serlet was in crowd

@jonnyevans_cw #iPadMini Return of Tim Cook. Recaps Apple's year of releases. He's right, it's been competing in every segment.

@jonnyevans_cw #iPadMini -- $329. Hmmm… iPadmini and 4th gen iPad avail for pre order Oct 26, ship (WiFi) on Nov 2, 2 weeks later cellular versions...

@jonnyevans_cw #iPadMini And this is a break for the video. Ive calls it 'magical'. And yeah you get a iPad jacket too...

@kmingis RT @matthamblen: Could 7.9-in. iPad mini kill all the other smaller tablets? Depends on price, but probably. #ipadmini

@jonnyevans_cw #iPadMini dual core A5, FacetimeHD, 5MP iSight, LTE, Faster Wifi, Lightning, 10hrs battery lilfe, "Every inch an iPad" is the message

@jonnyevans_cw #iPadMini and the iPad Mini has 35 percent more display than Android device, makes for nice browsing, claims 49% larger for Web, says Phil

@jonnyevans_cw #iPadMini comparing iPad mini with popular 7" Android tablet. iPadMini is thin and metal, other thicker, heavier and plastic,

@jonnyevans_cw #iPadmini Interesting same resolution as larger iPad, So you don't need to rebuild the apps.They all 'just work'.

@kmingis RT @matthamblen: Apple's new iPad mini WILL be used by business...it's 7.9 and weighs .68 pounds 1024 x 768 screen #ipadmini

@kmingis RT @ryanfaas: Same pixel count as original iPad and iPad 2. All apps will work with no changes. Brilliant. #ipadmini

@jonnyevans_cw #iPadMini 7.2mm thin -- thin as a pencil, 53% lighter 0.68Ibs, light as a pad of paper. black and white silver or slate back, 7.9"

@jonnyevans_cw #iPadMini Schiller observes this isn't some version, but a designed device, thin and light and your UPS man may use them (speculation)

@jonnyevans_cw #iPadMini…and here is iPad mini…and IT IS iPad mini (not air, that idea always sucked)

@jonnyevans_cw #iPadMini Better LTE global, improved FaceTime, new chip, 2x faster wifi, Lightning connector, 16GB Wifi $499 -- twice the performance

@kmingis RT @mdeagonia: Well, looks like Apple is going to have a killer Christmas quarter. #ipadmini @jonnyevans_cw #iPadMini You know -- this is a big deal as I don't think any of the Mac people really expected new iPads, maybe new connect. Know I didn't

@jonnyevans_cw #iPadMini We're not taking our foot off the gas, Phil comes in to to do jazzy presentation skills. And now we're looking at the 4th ten iPad

@jonnyevans_cw #iPadMini Apple's iMac press release is available here, so there you go, http://markets.cbsnews.com/cbsnews/news/read/22572499/all

@jonnyevans_cw #iPadMini Books can be updated, support for pretty maths images and more. Available today.

@jonnyevans_cw #iPadMini iBook text books are now in use in over 2500US classrooms. New version of iBooks author, lets publishers denote their own fonts

@jonnyevans_cw #iPadMini People use them, they don't use the others. accounts for 91% web traffic share. Why? Because people love them, says Cook...

@jonnyevans_cw #iPadMini Tim Cook reveals Apple just sold its 100 millionth iPad. More iPads sold than any other sold of their whole PC line up...

@jonnyevans_cw #iPadMini Apple press release on MacBook w Retina now available http://finance.yahoo.com/news/apple-introduces-13-inch-macbook-172600894.html

@jonnyevans_cw #iPadMini Fusion drive is clever, watches what you do, so your most used apps are on flash drive so faster…your flash-based apps = 3x faster

@jonnyevans_cw #iPadMini Apple Fusion Drive: 128GB flash storage and a 1TB or 3TB hdd fused into single volume, faster reads and writes. Clever i think

@jonnyevans_cw #iPadmini So recall when iMac '98 ditched floppies? This one dumps the DVD drive...

@jonnyevans_cw #iPadMini Plasma deposition process…it allows them to apply the anti reflect down to a mill. 74% less reflection.

@jonnyevans_cw #iPadMini New iMac is going to appeal to lots of people, I think..Apple sure likes thin. eh? Edge is 5mm thin, 80% thinner than last gen.

@jonnyevans_cw #iPadMini And here's the long-delayed iMac upgrade...

@jonnyevans_cw #iPadMini new MacMini costs from $599, Ivy bridge processor, up to 16GB RAM, 1TB drive, base model is 500GB/4GB

@jonnyevans_cw #iPadMini "You knew there'd be something called Mini in this presentation, didn't you?" says Phil, introducing new MacMini

@jonnyevans_cw #iPadMini New MacBook ships today. Top of the range 3" model costs $1999

@jonnyevans_cw #iPadMini Once again Apple refers to the HD TV as comparison -- wonder how high def their Apple television was/is going to be?

@jonnyevans_cw #iPadMini Lightest 13" MacBook Pro ever…SD card..Retina Display. 13.3" screen 2560-x-1600 pixels -- 4 times the pixels (4,096,00 pixels)

@jonnyevans_cw #iPadMini 35 Billion app downloads, 6.5 billion paid out

@jonnyevans_cw #iPadMini iBooks now has continuous scrolling. and on to the Mac

@jonnyevans_cw #iPadMini Over 1.5 million books available in the iBookstore. 400 million books downloaded so far.

@jonnyevans_cw #iPadMini Now over 700,000 apps in store says Cook: 250,000 for iPad. 90% of all apps are downloaded each and every month...

@jonnyevans_cw #iPadMini Quotr of the night? "I don't know what all those other tablets are doing," says Cook. "They must be on store shelves or warehouse

@jonnyevans_cw #iPadMini iPad marketshare grew this last quarter up tp 68%, accounts for 91% of web traffic of all tablets.

@jonnyevans_cw #iPadMini sold 17m iPads in April-June, more than any PC etc..84 million iPad since product debut. "It is a Post PC age," says Cook.

@jonnyevans_cw #iPadMini On the Mac, Mac has grown 15%. 6 years outpacing industry growth,

@jonnyevans_cw #iPadMini first store in sweden this friday! (Watch out Ikea, lol.) 83m visits april to june

@jonnyevans_cw #iPadMini and we're off, up and here's Tim Cook!

@jonnyevans_cw Post PC. Really. Deal with it....How's It Going For Dell and HP On Apple's Day? Don't Ask seekingalpha.com/a/k6nh #iPadMini

@jonnyevans_cw #iPadMini More than the iPad? MacBook Pro 13 with Retina, Mac Mini specs leak online http://news.cnet.com/8301-13579_3-57538109-37/macbook-pro-13-with-retina-mac-mini-specs-leak-online/

@kmingis RT @gkeizer: Apple to webcast ‘iPad Mini’ launch event today. #iPadMini bit.ly/OZrX7G

@jonnyevans_cw #iPadMini The latest from the don't believe everything self promo dept: wrong name, wrong price. https://t.co/D4Lyx1zv

@jonnyevans_cw #iPadMini And surprising no one Apple's online store has gone dark pre-news… store.apple.com

@jonnyevans_cw #iPadMini Well it looks like Apple will live stream tonights announcement! http://bgr.com/2012/10/23/ipad-mini-event-live-stream-apple-tv/

@kmingis RT @gkeizer: Tablet trade-ins spike as ‘iPad Mini’ event nears, with 1st-gen iPad owners leading the way. #iPadMini bit.ly/RqOuYV

@kmingis RT @gkeizer: Apple to host launch event Oct. 23, hints at 'little' iPad, otherwise known as #iPadMini bit.ly/XjpB4M

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