Who do I trust, you or the guy who signs my check?

Consultant pilot fish is trying to get some email system adjustments made with this hosting provider -- but things have bogged down at the level of the tech support guy's understanding of how email actually works.

Fish: Look, mail travels through the Internet using SMTP, which stands for Simple Mail Transfer Protocol.

Tech support: "No it doesn't. It uses MX protocol. 'SMTP' is just an alias for 'mail server.' And every mail server on the planet must have a login on every other mail server on the planet. Otherwise mail won't flow."

Fish: Huh? What idiot told you this? MX isn't a protocol, it's just a record in DNS. Look it up on the Internet if you don't believe me. And what you're claiming would result in an impossibly unwieldy authentication system.

Tech support: "My boss says so, therefore it must be true. And he tells me that the Internet lies."

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