IBM and AT&T offer cloud mish-mash for fearful firms

IBM (NYSE:IBM) and AT&T (NYSE:T) will get together to offer a cloud IaaS to big enterprises in 2013. The pair claim that it'll be more secure and manageable than other cloudy infrastructures, and should overcome the worries of companies who fear for lack of control or suspect security.

In IT Blogwatch, bloggers cut to the chase.

Clouds (IBM and AT&T)

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John Ribeiro reports:

[It's] targeted at clients worldwide who are deploying clouds that demand high levels of security and availability. ... [It's] expected to be particularly relevant for businesses that need to as they move between data centers and...computing devices such as tablets and smartphones.


The service that will be offered jointly by IBM and AT&T next year combines AT&T's virtual private networking with IBM SmartCloud Enterprise+. ... The financial terms of the agreement have not been disclosed.  MORE

Sarah Frier adds:

IBM...will provide the data-storage facilities and services, and AT&T...will offer the global network that clients will use to retrieve the data.


They’ll split revenue from the deal. ... IBM is pursuing a target of $7 billion in cloud revenue by 2015 after such sales more than tripled last year.  MORE

And Barry Levine clarifies:

The service [includes] technology from AT&T Labs that the companies describe as "breakthrough"...designed to tightly integrate the security protections of AT&T's VPN with those of IBM's cloud resources. [It] dynamically allocates...resources and automates functions that would otherwise need to be done support fluctuating demand, such as might be experienced by an online retailer [around] a holiday period.


The new service...include[s] customization options for specific customer needs...service-level agreements...and security measures that include...devices authenticated to a customer's VPN.  MORE

However, Jeffrey Schwartz waxes cynical:

Given the target audience of Fortune 1000 customers and the implied...performance, this so-called "breakthrough"...capability will come with a price premium. ...both companies are members of the OpenStack effort [but it's] unclear when or if this service will support the OpenStack networking protocols.


The announcement had me wondering if AT&T is going to scale back its own public cloud infrastructure and platform services in favor of sourcing IBM's.  MORE

Yes, but why? Maureen O'Gara puts in words of one three or four syllables:

[It's] secure enough to overcome corporate inhibitions about the cloud.


In other words the security and speed of AT&T's global network marries the control and management capabilities of IBM's enterprise cloud.  MORE
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