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Does WWDC 2012 hold clues to the iPhone 5 release date? It's assumed that we'll see iOS 6, but will Apple (NASDAQ:AAPL) revert to a summer announcement schedule, or keep mum until fall? In IT Blogwatch, bloggers read the runes.

[Update 2: Does Apple need the iPhone 5 release sooner rather than later?]

By Richi Jennings: Your humble blogwatcher curated these bloggy bits for your entertainment. Not to mention: MIT Students Play Tetris on a Building (Badly)...

Gregg Keizer gets out his crystal ball:

[L]ikely to be on the schedule: The next version of iOS...for the iPhone and iPad. Apple...regularly announces new editions at WWDC. It used last year's conference to introduce iOS 5, which powered the iPhone 4S.


This will be the first WWDC...since the death of...Steve Jobs. ... If Apple hews to tradition, CEO Tim Cook will lead this year's keynote...on the morning of Monday, June 11, to kick off the conference.   

Stuart Dredge also tries to learn from the past:

The five-day WWDC will focus on iOS and OS X...with technical sessions and hands-on labs aimed at developers. ... In past years, Apple has unveiled new [iPhones] at WWDC:..3G in 2008...3GS in 2009, and the iPhone 4 in 2010.


The company broke the pattern in 2011 though...suggest[ing] the iPhone 5...will not be unveiled at WWDC 2012. ... [But the] sixth generation of [iOS] is likely to be the key announcement at WWDC.   

And Luke Westaway (gasp!) agrees:

Apple could go back to a summer reveal, but I think it's unlikely. ... With the Cupertino company announcing it flogged 35 million 4S' in the last three months...I can't see it.   

Andrew Nusca isn't expecting big changes, and says that's good:

[The] lack of all-new, paradigm-changing features should please the...enterprise as it continues to accept iPads and iPhones. ... [The] lack of surprise about the next version of its operating system might be the best gift of all.   

However, Roger Cheng gets a hint from an unexpected quarter:

If the...iPhone [5] arrives with LTE, Sprint will continue to offer a no-strings unlimited plan, CEO Dan Hesse [said]. ... "That's our distinctive differentiator."


Hesse stressed that he didn't know when Apple would release the next iPhone.   

So, will iOS 6 and iPhone 5 'steal' more ideas from Android? Here's Jonny Evans:

[When Android] emulate[s] Apple's user experiences, the company sees them as poachers [and] wants competitors to...find different user interface paradigms.


I accept that in some small cases...Apple could be accused of emulating Android...[but] Google switched on its photocopiers first, and while two wrongs don't make a right...that instance seems a good place to begin settlement negotiations.


Apple is convinced it is in the right. ... It's time Google changed its tactic...Google will have to step up to the plate and declare at least some partial guilt. ... It will then be able to focus its thinking on coming up with original ideas.   

Update: Michael Nace looks to the WWDC logo for clues:

As a postscript to my article yesterday...I asked readers if they had any creative interpretations of this year’s WWDC logo, since Apple is well known to [use] cryptic logos and promotional graphics that often hold clues to what new product is going to be announced.


[A] wide range of...readers immediately spotted a clue that jumped right out to them: a succession of implied 5s throughout the multicolored WWDC logo. ... Cock your head to the left — readers...are seeing a large, red 5 in the center of the logo, and a series of other implied 5s.


A less-supported theory...is that the logo could also imply that Apple will announce the long-rumored iTV...or perhaps the even more mystical “Mini iPad.” But few have been able...to substantiate that theory. What about you?

Update 2: Jonny Evans puts a brave face on bad news:

iPhone 5 could be the most important smartphone...since the original. ... Analyst reports this morning mainly make infuriating reading for Apple. ... Two out of three...put Samsung in number one position in terms of global smartphone[s]. ... The three reports all agree that Nokia is spiraling downward.


Even though it hasn't been announced, released or hinted at, the iPhone 5 remains the biggest story...[and] dominates the technology agenda. ... The phone will likely...inclu[de] support for 4G, LTE, a much-improved version of Siri, quad-core...a much improved screen...iOS 6 and iTunes music streaming.


[But will it] be enough for Apple to claw back its leadership position from its former ally, Samsung? ... [P]ressure will be on the iPhone 5 to...at the very least consolidate Apple's second place position.


And Finally...
MIT Students Play Giant Game of Tetris on a Building (Badly)

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