iPhone 5 rejected by consumers post-Mapgate... Survey says?

The iPhone 5 / iOS 6 Maps features are terrible, say pundit after pundit. So it must be affecting sales, right? Not according to a new survey; it seems Apple (NASDAQ:AAPL) can't make the shiny things fast enough.

In IT Blogwatch, bloggers run the numbers from ChangeWave/451's survey.

Apple Maps

By Richi Jennings: Your humble blogwatcher curated these bloggy bits for your entertainment.

Gregg Keizer predicts your fortune:

ChangeWave...polled more than 4,200 consumers in the U.S. and Canada...[a tenth] said they had experienced a problem with Apple Maps. ...[Among] consumers who said they were unlikely to buy an iPhone 5...none cited the Maps issue.


The iPhone 5 continues to be in short supply. ... [The] current shipping delay is at least double that of the iPhone 4S at the same point in its timeline.  MORE

Jacqui Cheng spots the big, orange X:

...the masses consider [the Maps] nitpicks...to be of little consequence, though...Windows 8 may lure away some who are on the fence. ... The more interesting statistics...come from questions about Apple's Lightning connector. ... Those surveyed by ChangeWave...appear to be more bothered by the Lightning connector than they are by Maps—31 percent said the Lightning connector was "somewhat of a problem.".


Nine percent of those surveyed said they were likely to buy [a Windows 8] device, with 36 percent of those saying their top reason was integration with Windows apps.  MORE

And Neil Hughes gets inside the data:

19 percent of consumers considered themselves "very likely" to buy an iPhone 5, while 13 percent...were "somewhat likely"...a significant increase...over the iPhone 4S from a year ago [when] 10 percent...said they were "very likely" [and] 11.5 percent considered themselves "somewhat likely." ...nearly double.


31 percent said the change to the Lightning port is "not much of a problem"...26 percent said it's "no problem at all. ... 6 percent characterized [it's] a "very big problem,".  MORE

But Edward C. Baig notes the polarized nature of the discourse:

...flawed maps haven't been the only issue to get some consumers worked up. ...some customers fret about a variety of problems -- from intolerably slow...e-mail...to frustrating battery life. ... All this has to be taken in perspective. ... Folks are rarely blasé about Apple. You're often either a passionate devotee or outspoken critic.


I typically make it through the business day between charges. But some people haven't fared so well. ... My iPhone 5 has a tiny nick just to the right of the power button on the top. ...such dings are causing quality control crackdowns at Foxconn. ... YouTube videos are documenting...a constant flicker of light...under the keyboard on some devices. ... Some users have experienced painfully slow times between when they tap on [an email] message...and when that message actually appears.  MORE

Meanwhile, Jonny Evans rallies the faithful:

...for most people “Map-gate” really doesn’t mean a thing. ... Apple will eventually deliver...whether it has to beg, borrow or buy the technical expertise and data the service needs.


Apple’s latest iPhone will indeed be seen as the most successful smartphone release yet. ...the level of criticism...has reached an insane crescendo that doesn't reflect reality. ... While it’s nice to see the independent minds of global media staying on the same page of its fantasy novel, the problems...don't appear to be impacting real Apple users.  MORE
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