Art goes interactive: 14 stunning digital exhibitions

Digital artworks are engaging viewers like never before: Check out colossal works of light that use bridges or buildings as canvases, a social media-inspired avatar that follows you around, a robot that paints your sleep patterns and many more.
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Worth 10,000 words

Since the earliest cave paintings, art has been a transforming experience for both the artist and the viewer. With the ability to make the artwork change over time or respond to viewers, today's digital art installations can make the experience even more personal and thought provoking.

They can also go big... really big. Leo Villareal's The Bay Lights, launched last week and due to shine for two years, uses 25,000 individually programmable LEDs mounted to the 300 vertical cables of the San Francisco-Oakland Bay Bridge to form moving, glittering patterns that sweep across the span for several hours each night.

This colossal light sculpture is only the latest of many projects using computer-controlled images, light or sound to wow the world. Here's a sampling.

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