Sort of like talking to yourself, right?

IT guy is sitting at his desk when he gets an instant message asking, "Where do I find the Remote Desktop Protocol session icon?" reports an operations pilot fish on the scene.

"Of course my guy gives the user the answer and doesn't think anything about it," says fish.

"The next IM he gets is 'How do I find my computer name?'

"Again my IT guy tells the user how to find his computer name and then continues to work.

"The third IM he gets is 'I can't RDP, it gives me an error.'

"Not able to contain his curiosity and after replaying the last two IMs, the IT guy walks over to the user's desk and says, 'Are you trying to RDP to your computer from your computer?'

"The user ponders for a moment, then turns bright red and says, 'I can't RDP to myself from myself, got it.'"

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