Windows 8 release date: Summer RTM, October GA

The Windows 8 release date has leaked: General Availability will be in October, while Release To Manufacturing is 'Summer'. Microsoft (NASDAQ:MSFT) is expected to confirm the schedule next month. In IT Blogwatch, bloggers reach out and touch something.

By Richi Jennings: Your humble blogwatcher curated these bloggy bits for your entertainment. Not to mention: A 'label' for the YouTube generation...

    Dina Bass reports:

[A]ccording to people with knowledge of the schedule...initial rollout will include devices running Intel...and ARM...chips, making good on Microsoft’s promise to support both. ... The timing would let Microsoft target Christmas shoppers.


Microsoft will host an early April, the people said...[where it] will spell out its release strategy for Windows 8.   

    Nick Farrell adds:

Windows ready by the end of July. ... Apparently there will be only five ARM devices in the debut...but given we were not expecting to see ARM...until much later, [it's] not that  surprising.


Apparently Microsoft had less difficulty getting Windows 8 ready for x86, but it is harder to make it run on ARM.   

  And Alex Wilhelm ponders why so few ARM devices:

Windows 8 is a radical retake on the classic Windows experience...bringing the venerable brand into the touch era. ... The lower number of ARM...machines is...due to Microsoft executing excruciating control.


That bodes very well. ... Even if Windows 8 ends up being quality in its own right, it is doubtful that it can succeed flight...hardware. ... Android tablets have had...those exact issues.   

But you can almost hear Robert Boland shout, "Well DUH":

This probably doesn’t come as much as a surprise to many. ... [It] doesn’t take a genius to figure out that Microsoft will want to get Windows 8 on the market as soon as possible.   

Update: But what of the new iPad's Retina display? Here's Paul Thurrott:

Microsoft talked about high DPI in Windows 8 at BUILD last September. ... Apple fans can casually ignore that this all happened before the new iPad was announced, but...Microsoft expects to see 2560x1440 slates. It's going to happen.

... Silverlight, isn't truly resolution independent but does offer much better scaling...than a simple bitmapped display. Metro...will perform well on a high-DPI tablet display. ...[S]uch devices...could offer displays that pack even more pixels than the new iPad.


I do feel that there is a huge user base of people who want an iPad-type device but want it to run Windows. ... Windows devices will offer far more choice...[and] will be marked by variety, while Apple's products offer...bland dullness.

    And Finally...
Looks like Jack Conte is becoming a 'label' for the YouTube generation
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