Firefox 11 shows the glory days of Mozilla are gone

Once upon a time Firefox pointed the way towards the future of browsers --- it was faster, more innovative, and more feature-rich than the competition. That's no longer the case. Firefox 11 shows that the glory days of Firefox are over.

I've put Firefox 11 through its paces, and it's much like the previous release, with a few modest tweaks, such as the ability to sync add-ons across multiple machines, and some features that developers will welcome.

Firefox 11 now also imports bookmarks and other settings from Chrome. But that's clearly a bit of wishful thinking, because Firefox has been slowly losing market share, and Chrome is about to overtake it. It's not likely that many people will want to switch from Chrome to Firefox based on this latest version.

Mind you, there's nothing wrong with this newest release. But there's not much noteworhty, either. There was a time when a new version of Firefox meant a host of intriguing new features, some useful, others not so, but most of them worthy to try. That's not true any more.

Firefox is not the faster browser out there, so there's no need to use it only for speed. And what was once its biggest draw --- having add-ons that no other browser has --- is not longer one because Chrome has plenty of add-ons as well.

Put simply, it seems as if Mozilla has run out of new ideas. Based on this newest release, Firefox is still a very good browser, but it's no longer the leader it once was.

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