iPhone '5' release date clearer; 'thin' feature rumors of new Apple BYOD toy

The iPhone 5 release date is now clearer, amid strengthening evidence of true manufacturing. The rumors that it'll use a 'thin' in-cell touchscreen feature are also getting a boost. Apple (NASDAQ:AAPL). In IT Blogwatch, bloggers fall over themselves to blog every last detail, as if their lives depended on it.

iPhone 5

By Richi Jennings: Your humble blogwatcher curated these bloggy bits for your entertainment. Not to mention: The Mini-Golf Open...

Juro Osawa and Lorraine Luk report the new rumors from Honkers:

Apple Inc.'s...next iPhone, currently being manufactured...will use a new technology that makes the...screen thinner. ... Japanese [LCD] makers Sharp...Japan Display...[and] South Korea's LG Display...are currently mass producing panels for the next iPhone using...in-cell technology.


A thinner screen...could make the whole device slimmer, or make extra room available for...batteries. But in-cell touch screens are harder to manufacture. ... The people familiar with the situation said that...the manufacturing process [is] challenging and time-consuming as [manufacturers] scramble to achieve high yield rates.      

Jonny Evans possibly over-uses the C-word:

[The report] confirms [iPhone 5] will be thinner than ever through confirmed use of in-cell display technology.


In-cell displays host the touchscreen...within the display itself, meaning you don't need a second layer. ... Doing so reduces display thickness...while also increasing the quality of the...image.


The thinness of the device seems set to be Apple's big thing in iPhone 5 (aka "the new iPhone")...enabling the company to market [it] as "the world's thinnest, smartest and most advanced smartphone." ... Apple must be hoping the product introduction will help it regain its market lead against Samsung.      

Please, Sam Oliver, can we have some more?

[It] could allow Apple to reduce the thickness of the display by as much as 0.44 millimeters. ... In-cell technology could also help offset the added weight that would come from a larger 4-inch display.      


So Karsten Strauss addresses the "$64,000 question":

...if the phone is larger than the last installment, it may be delayed. ... Could it be here in the fall? ... After Thanksgiving, for the holiday-season shopping public, perhaps? It’s impossible to know. ...but we probably shouldn’t expect any massive, game-changing alterations.      


But Chris Matyszczyk disagrees:


And Finally...
The Mini-Golf Open 

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