Google I/O photo gallery: A taste of geek paradise


Being at Google I/O is an experience like no other. It's a complete sensory overload: flashing lights, high-tech robotics, and Android imagery everywhere you look. As I said on Google+, this place is like Willy Wonka's for geeks; it's just absolutely mind-blowing.

I've been sprinkling images of my Google I/O experience throughout social media all week, but there are plenty more photos to be shared. Here's a taste of what it's like inside the one-of-a-kind geek paradise that is Google I/O.

Google I/O Moscone Center Entrance

The entrance to the Moscone Center is hard to miss...

Google I/O Registration are the crowds for pre-I/O registration

Google I/O Keynote Line

People lined up as early as 6 a.m. to get a good seat in the first day's keynote...

Google I/O Keynote Line

...and the building erupted with cheers when security opened the escalators to the auditorium

Google I/O Keynote Line

Unfortunately, there was much more waiting ahead -- one floor higher

Google I/O Keynote Stage

The main stage, all set for a keynote address

Google I/O Snacks

One of the perks of a Google event: food, glorious food!

Google I/O Android

Android, Android, everywhere

Google I/O Android

The view from afar

Google I/O Gear

The gear pick-up station -- where all the free stuff is handed out

Google I/O Gear

Whenever it's giveaway time, the line gets long -- and the determined developers get ready to wait

Google I/O Floor

The insanity of the main I/O floor

Google I/O Floor

Every Google service imaginable is represented somewhere

Google I/O Google Plus Stream

A massive real-time stream of #io12 activity on Google+

Google I/O Android Station

Are these the droids you've been looking for?

Google I/O Android Robot

Seriously, the Bugdroid is everywhere...

Google I/O Android Robot

...and he wears a lot of different outfits

Google I/O Android Robot

He looks mighty dashing in glasses or a hat...

Google I/O Android Robot

...and quite fine in plaid

Google I/O Android Charging Station

Sometimes he lets you recharge your phone...

Google I/O Android Charging Lounge

...or even recharge your body

Google I/O Android Crane Game

Sometimes the Bugdroid gives you prizes...

Google I/O Web Game

...but there are plenty of other games to be played

Google I/O Google Wallet Game

Plenty of other games...

Google I/O Google Wallet Game

...really, plenty of 'em

Google I/O Web Lab Demo

You can demo all kinds of cool technology...

Google I/O 3D Maps Demo

...and explore supersized 3D maps

Google I/O Colorful Outfit

You see plenty of colorful characters...

Google I/O Matias Duarte

...and some familiar faces. That's Android User Experience Director Matias Duarte talking to a Googler who's testing out the company's experimental "Project Glass" glasses

Google I/O Party Robot Face

And, of course, it wouldn't be a Google event without a Google-style party. That's a gigantic robot face whose eyes are controlled by a series of remote joysticks (come on -- what did you expect?)


Miss out on any of the other I/O action? Check out my live play-by-play commentary of the day 1 keynote and day 2 keynote, and be sure to read over my hands-on impressions of the new Nexus 7 tablet and Android 4.1, Jelly Bean release while you're here, too.

I/O officially wraps up tomorrow. It's been an intense, exciting, and exhausting experience. And we'll do it all again in 2013.

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