Samsung Galaxy S III (S3) release date: NOW (ish)

The Samsung Galaxy S3 (OK then S III) is here. The release date is upon us. Not only that, but the reviews are in. And Samsung has added a surprise enterprisey feature: its SAFE software, integrating with Mobile Device Management (MDM) and adding various security features. In IT Blogwatch, bloggers avoid the boring phrase "iPhone killer."

Samsung Galaxy S III

By Richi Jennings: Your humble blogwatcher curated these bloggy bits for your entertainment. Not to mention: Olly the Octopus's Occupy Price Tag...

Matt Hamblen rambles on and on:

Some U.S. carriers have begun taking of the biggest U.S. carriers has seen 44% of the pre-orders being made by business users. ... [The] BYOD trend is in full swing.


The Galaxy S III has features that will attract business users, including a larger screen...and access to faster LTE networks. ... One benefit of Samsung's approach is that [it's] not creating its own MDM but is partnering with an established crop.      

Carly Page spills her alphabet soup:

Samsung has launched an enterprise friendly version of its Galaxy S3.


[It] boasts a number of security features [such as] "Samsung Approved for Enterprise (SAFE)" software...with support for 338 IT policies [including] on-device AES-256...improved Microsoft Exchange functionality, remote access and support for...VPNs and...MDM, making the smartphone suited for...BYOD.      

And Kevin C. Tofel is awestruck:

Galaxy S III is at the top of the hardware class [with] a large 4.8-inch...display, but [it] doesn’t feel overly large.


Samsung includes 2 GB of memory. ... It’s the fastest Android phone I’ve ever used [in] everyday use. ... The battery is fairly generous, able to power through a day on a full charge in my tests. ... I think most will be fine with the build quality and overall phone aesthetics.


Not only is this the best Android phone currently available...but it may be for some time. ... More than any phone prior, the Galaxy S III rivals the iPhone in many areas...and I say that even after using the iOS 6 beta.      

Seth Porges agrees:

But Devindra Hardawar does have one criticism:

Undeterred by Apple’s legal team...S Voice looks and functions very much like Siri. But...Samsung...hasn’t yet cracked the secret.


I often had to repeat myself several times...and forget about trying to ask S Voice anything if there’s a bit of background noise. ... Asking S Voice for the nearest Japanese restaurant sent me to locations in Manhattan (I live in Brooklyn).      

Meanwhile, JR Raphael is his usual comprehensive self:

Galaxy S III will land on all four major U.S. carriers as well as...U.S. Cellular. AT&T, Sprint, and T-Mobile are all targeting June 21. ... Verizon is currently showing ship dates of July 10. ... U.S. Cellular is aiming to have its devices ready by mid- to late-July.


AT&T will sell a 16GB version...for $200. Sprint [and] Verizon...will offer 16GB versions for $200 and 32GB versions for $250. ... U.S. Cellular [too, after] a $100 mail-in rebate. Those prices are all dependent two-year contracts.


All of the carriers will offer the phone in white or blue. ... AT&T [will also] offer an exclusive red version...later this summer.      


And Finally...

Olly the Octopus's Occupy Price Tag

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