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Microsoft Surface tablet: Not just another iPad-killer

Wow, people actually like something new from Microsoft (NASDAQ:MSFT). The company's finally unveiled its super-secret Surface convertible Windows 8 tablets, and the reaction is definitely positive. In IT Blogwatch, bloggers cast off their preconceptions.

Microsoft Surface

By Richi Jennings: Your humble blogwatcher curated these bloggy bits for your entertainment. Not to mention: Date Selector of the Damned...

Martyn Williams reports from La-La Land:

The computer, called Surface, will be available in two versions. ... "It's something new, something different, a whole new family of computing devices from Microsoft," said Steve Ballmer.


The machine has a 10.6-inch...display and comes with a 3-millimeter-thick...cover that doubles as a keyboard.


By producing its own hardware, Microsoft will be navigating a tricky direct competition with [OEMs]. ... Announcement of the device comes 12 years after Microsoft first started pushing...tablet computing.   

Melissa J. Perenson is lovin' it:

The big question is, does it stand up to the hype? The yes.


Microsoft truly has paid close attention to the details. ... [The] integrated kickstand is sheer brilliance, and it felt sturdily stable as bedrock. ... The tablet's case felt silky and exceptionally solid. ... The exterior magnesium alloy surface is smooth to the touch, and finely finished...fairly comfortable to hold...extremely well-balanced.


The keyboard in Microsoft's innovative "smart" covers is...versatile, lightweight, functional, and a true aid to your productivity. ... (The cover feels more secure than Apple's...which can easily slip-slide out-of-place.)


Microsoft has put other tablet makers on notice.   

The dream-team of Ken Mingis and Matt Hamblen liveblogged the event:

Ballmer says...Surface is about hardware and software working together. How Apple-like. ... Pro is less than 2 pounds...a full PC. ... Good to see some competition for the iPad.


VaporMg case [is] .77 mm credit card thick...magnesium.


I wonder how OEMs making ultrabooks or hybrid devices feel. ... Surface certainly offers tablet buyers a a real option to the iPad.   

But Jonny Evans heaps predictable scorn:

Hang on, Microsoft Surface? Where have we heard that name before? Ingrid Lunden reminds us:

Microsoft’s new Surface tablet is not the first Surface to surface.


Before it, there was a large LCD panel...which could be mounted as a table, or on a wall, that enables people to “share, collaborate and explore together.” ... Microsoft hasn’t necessarily discontinued the product but it’s currently done something kind of curious with it.


Apart from the aptness of the name...Microsoft chose an existing trademark...rather than try to develop something new [because] it helped...keep snooping journalists off its scent.   


And Finally...
Date Selector of the Damned 

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