How to run the Metro version of Google Chrome in Windows 8

Want to run the Metro version of Google Chrome in Windows 8? It's not as straightforward as you would expect. Here's how to do it.

First, you'll have to install Chrome from the dev channel, which is the only place right now that has the Metro version. Doing that will install Chrome on the Desktop rather than on Metro.

Now that you've got it installed, launch it from the Desktop. Go into Chrome's settings and make it your default Desktop browser. To do that, click the wrench icon on Chrome's toolbar, then select Settings. Down in the Default Browser section, click "Make Google Chrome my default browser."

That makes it your default Desktop browser, but it still won't be working in Metro. To make it in Metro you've got to make it your default Metro browser.

To do it, get to the Control Panel. In earlier versions of Windows, this was a breeze, but it's not so easy to remember how to do in Metro in Windows 8. The simplest way is to press the Windows Key + Q to access the Search charm. Type in Control Panel, and then click on the Control Panel icon when it appears. You'll be sent to the Desktop Control Panel. Go to Programs -->Default Programs-->Set Your Default Programs. Now click on Google Chrome and select "Set this program as default."

Once you've done that, go back to the Metro interface and click the Google Chrome icon. You'll now be able to run Chrome as a Metro app. Just click the icon in Metro.

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