Remember, there are no stupid questions, only...

Pilot fish is working on a rollout of new PCs when he calls one lucky user who's getting a new machine.

"I explained that I will migrate settings and data from his current system to his new one," says fish. "I also notified him that he should not save any data to his C: drive after I'm done with the copy process, or he will lose his data. Then the questions came."

"What's the C: drive?" user asks.

It's the disk that's inside your computer, fish tells him.

"I don't think I use that. I usually put stuff on the H: or K: drives," says the user, whose desktop is brimming with Microsoft Office files.

The H: and K: drives are on the network, fish says. I'm not touching them.

"Can I save to my desktop?"

No. That's on the C: drive.

"Is this new policy going forward?"

No, just until I bring you your new computer at 2 p.m.

"I'm leaving at 1:30 today."

No problem. I'll have everything I need to swap in your new system.

"How will I know if I have a new computer?"

Says fish, "I paused in shock, then blurted out, 'Because you'll have a new computer.'

"It was then I realized in horror that I would actually have to explain that to him."

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