Google's Android event rescheduled for Oct. 19 in Hong Kong

By JR Raphael (@jr_raphael)

Well, folks, it's official: Google's big Android event is back on for next Wednesday, October 19. The event will take place in Hong Kong -- yes, Hong Kong -- coinciding with the All Things D AsiaD tech conference.

Here's the invitation I received moments ago:

Google Android Event Hong Kong

The event, as you can see, is co-hosted by Google and Samsung. The two companies are expected to unveil the next-gen Android Ice Cream Sandwich release as well as a new Samsung flagship phone, widely referred to as the Nexus Prime or Galaxy Nexus.

The Google-Samsung event had originally been scheduled for October 11 in San Diego, but the companies decided to postpone, saying it was "not the right time to announce a new product as the world expresse[d] tribute to Steve Jobs's passing."

Though the new event is far from home, by the way, you will be able to watch it live: Google will provide a stream at Take note: The stream will begin at 10 p.m. EST on October 18 (some time difference, eh?).

In the meantime, you can learn more about Ice Cream Sandwich and the upcoming Nexus phone at the following report:

Want a taste of Ice Cream Sandwich right now?

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