Nexus Prime release date Oct 11; Fandroids mock iPhone 4S

By Richi Jennings (@richi ) - October 5, 2011.

[Updated Oct 6, 5:30am, with more musings on iPhone 4S vs. the rest]
[Updated Oct 5, 1:15pm, with additional Apple iPhone 4S reaction]


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Samsung (SEO:005930) (LON:SMSN) has been dangling fresh details in front of us, about the Nexus Prime smartphone, with an anticipated release date on Verizon (NYSE:VZ), next week. With a 720p, 4.6 inch, SuperAMOLED screen, Android Ice Cream Sandwich, and dangerous curves, it's looking like the bee's knees. In IT Blogwatch, fandroid bloggers mock Apple's (NASDAQ:AAPL) iPhone 4S disappointment.
Your humble blogwatcher curated these bloggy bits for your entertainment. Not to mention: Bad Lip Reading...
Stephen Shankland reports:

The video for the Samsung Unpacked event...closed with a side view of the curved phone and the words, "Something big is coming." ... The video popped up right after Apple debuted its iPhone 4S yesterday...[which] may have disappointed some hoping for something more dramatic.
The Nexus Prime could be the launch vehicle for Google's newest version of Android, Ice Cream Sandwich. ... Google typically picks top partners who get a period of exclusivity with new OS versions.   

Steven Mostyn agrees with his homophonic givennamesake:

With Apple largely ignite [our] interest [in] the iPhone 4S...we now switch our attentions to...Samsung’s next smartphone offering.
While the video in question stops short of revealing Samsung’s upcoming device...we’d hazard a guess that it’s the rather saucy Nexus Prime. ... So what’s the BIG deal? ... [T]he rumoured 1.5GHz dual-core processor...massive 4.6-inch Super AMOLED touchscreen (720p)...the next iteration of Google’s Android...(a.k.a. Ice Cream Sandwich)...1GB of RAM, a rear-facing 8.0 mega-pixel camera, a front-facing camera...eye-popping pixel density of 320dpi...4G...and NFC.   

As does Chris Martin:

Apple yesterday...disappointingly announced the Iphone 4S instead of the Iphone 5. Meanwhile, Samsung turned the focus to the upcoming version of the Nexus handset.
The clip is short and[ing] a quick glimpse of the Nexus Prime with its concavely curved screen.   

720p? SRSLY? The anonymous GSMArena gnomes have chapter and verse:

[Here] is the first live photo of the Nexus Prime...confirm[ing] several important specs. ... First, we've got the HD resolution of the Super AMOLED confirmed - that's 720p on a screen just 4.6" in diagonal...this gives you a pixel density of over 320.
We are not sure if the Samsung Nexus Prime display will be using the PenTile matrix, but...those letters look like [they're] printed on paper. ... It will certainly be a fierce battle between this beast and the upcoming iPhone.   

Which makes Dakota Torres peer at the video for clues:

The video is pretty pointless until the last three seconds, which shows off what looks to be...the Nexus Prime. In the video, you can see the concave glass screen. ... If you look very closely you can see three rings on the side which could be ports for a dock like that of the Nexus One.
It doesn’t surprise me that Samsung would release a teaser video...after today’s Apple iPhone 4S event. [It's] rumored to go to Verizon exclusively and [to] be called DROID Prime.   

Meanwhile, Jonny Evans pulls his Apple-loving hair out:

[M]any in the analyst and media communities are disappointed. Why? Because Apple didn't change the shape. ... All this grinding of teeth and gentle moaning, all these complaints...none of it makes sense.
[H]ere are three...significant advancements within the iPhone 4S which put [it] way ahead of the pack. ... The dual-core A5 processor...[is] really fast with superb graphics. ... The 8-MP HD video camera: This thing is fast. ... iCloud: All your documents, contacts, data, music, movies, media...easily available across all your devices.
[T]he critics have it wrong. The...iPhone 4S is the world's smartest smartphone. And Apple is about to sell millions...if the economy doesn't implode.   

And Sharon Machlis muses thuswise:

The difference between a 3.5- and 4.5-inch screen may not sound like much;'s quite noticeable. ... I'm going to be buying a new smartphone this month...deciding between totability and more screen real estate is a significant factor.
... potentially huge (if, of course, it works as advertised). Android already has some voice-recognition capabilities and there are apps to extend them, but...Siri appears to go beyond them.
Siri's utility can be limited. ... [W]hat if you're in a meeting or a waiting room? Or...sneaking a peek at sports scores while dining out?
The appeal of iCloud and automatic syncing shouldn't be discounted. ... Apple is counting on the continued appeal of [the] "It just works" mantra.   

And Finally...
Bad Lip Reading
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