Apple: Free iOS 5 upgrade ships October 12

By Jonny Evans

As you'd expect, Apple [AAPL] is prosletyzing its iOS platform during its keynote speech today, revealing that is has become the number one mobile OS with a claimed 43 percent of the market -- and that iOS5 will ship on October 12. And will be free.


Apple's mobile gorilla

In a list of superlatives, the company's Scott Forstall dazzled us with statistics:

-- iTunes is number one for apps

-- over 18 billion apps downloaded so far

-- 1 billion apps downloaded each month

-- Apple has paid developers $3 billion so far.

Forstall took a moment to look at some of the new features within iOS 5:

  • iMessages: To all your devices.
  • Reminders: Set them up -- pick up your laundry -- also these things are location-based, so you could say "remind me to pick up my laundry when I leave work", or any other location-based demand. This is Siri-usly interesting...
  • Twitter: Tweet photos and sites from Safari and video from YouTube.
  • Newstand: Get your daily news fix there.
  • Camera: New editing options and better quality photos because of these feature improvements, he said.
  • Gamecenter: 67 million users now get Friend discovery and game recommendations.
  • Safari: Nothing new here: tabbed browsing and Reader have been discussed before. He also talked about improved search in Mail/
  • PC-free: with wireless updates.

The best thing? For many of us the wait is over -- the new mobile OS will ship on October 12, and will be free to download for supporting iOS devices.

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