Android Honeycomb update appears to be near

By JR Raphael

Android Honeycomb Update

Got one of Google's new Android Honeycomb tablets? All signs suggest you'll be seeing a software update soon.

While there's been no formal announcement so far, Verizon briefly posted info about an update for the Motorola Xoom on its website yesterday. The update fact-sheet (archived here) listed a handful of system fixes and improvements, including added proxy support, enhanced support for SSL data transfers, and added Bluetooth support for Google Talk and wireless mouse devices.

Motorola, meanwhile, recently posted a note in its official Xoom software forum saying an update would roll out in waves beginning Thursday night. The link for additional info, however, now points to a document with details about the last software update -- from March -- so it's quite possible the timing has changed.

Finally, Adobe launched a new version of its mobile Flash Player into the Android Market last night. The update includes the following note:

For Android 3 tablet devices, we highly recommend that you update your OS to an upcoming release of Android 3 (Honeycomb) to ensure that Flash Player delivers the best experience possible.

In a blog at Adobe's website, Adobe mobility guru Mark Hopper elaborates a bit more:

This final release will take advantage of Google's enhancements in an upcoming update to Honeycomb, including hardware accelerated playback of 720p high-definition video. ... Users of Android 3.0.1 will not experience these improvements until their devices receive the update to Honeycomb.

Adobe initially referred to the update as Android 3.1, though it's not clear whether that was a premature revelation or merely a typo.

Either way, all considered, it sure seems like something's in the oven and almost ready to be served. The Adobe info suggests the update is Android-wide, so one would imagine it'll affect the new LG G-Slate in addition to the Xoom. And given the fact that Verizon's update sheet didn't mention the video improvements noted in Adobe's blog, there's no telling what other thus-far-unannounced new features could also be included.

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Representatives from Verizon Wireless were unable to provide any additional info as of Friday morning. I've reached out to Motorola and Google as well; if I hear anything official as the day wears on, I'll update this page with details.

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