Steve Jobs goes to South Park, and other stories

By Jonny Evans

It had to happen eventually: nothing is sacred to South Park, even Apple [AAPL] CEO, Steve Jobs. In the current season premiere (set to air May 6), Jobs gets "the treatment" as he introduces a "new product that will once again revolutionize the way we use our phones and tablet devices": the HumancentiPad. Here's the clip:

This is praise of course, Apple's last new product, the iPad, is already changing different industries. This morning we learn at least one Ottawa hospital is deploying 1,800 iPads. The tablets will be equipped with Apps to help doctors access lab results, patient histories and medication information. Take a look at more uses here.


Naturally, the Android alternative continues to gather strength -- but would you use buggy Android software for your patient records? The security experts at Kaspersky don't think so.

Kaspersky spotted 70 different types of Android malware last month, according chief technology officer Nikolay Grebennikov. That's up 3,500 percent since September 2010, when there were just two malware varieties recognized by the security firm.

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We already know how easy it is for criminals to create malware-ridden software for Android devices -- it is clearly much much easier than creating similar nasties for iOS products, not least because Apple curates the App Store, which Google doesn't. If Android does grow like Microsoft, then look forward to a malware laden smartphone experience. Irresistible, no?

Sharp for iPhone 6?

Finally the Mac Web today is saying, "move over, iPhone 5", with the hot new rumors aiming at iPhone 6, which the soothsayers tell us will boast a slick and super-thin screen, manufactured by Sharp.

Japanese newspaper Nikkan Kogyo Shimbun claims Sharp will make the next-generation poly-silicon (p-Si) display technology for that model of iPhone, with development of a production line already begun.

True or false, I can't say, but I would note that this report leaks out through the Japanese media just a few days since we learned Sharp might have been jilted at the eleventh hour from grabbing the iPhone display manufacturing gig, which went to Toshiba.

Sharp shares fell sharply (sorry) in response, though the company claims the report was inaccurate. Apple has been negotiating with Sharp and Toshiba to set up production lines for iPhone displays -- it is possible a deal has been reached for these sixth-generation displays, and the leak of this information may have been an attempt to protect Sharp's stock.

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One more thing: Want to see some fantastic videos of a younger Steve Jobs showing you how NeXT OS worked? You should. Click here.

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