Locating wireless devices through spectrum analysis

Last week I attended the Certified Wireless Analysis Professional beta course. 

It was an intense 3-day course that focused on the physical and MAC layers of wireless communication and emphasized both protocol & spectrum analysis.   

The best part was that I learned something that really surprised me...

In the video below, I interview Keith Parsons, founder of WirelessLANProfessionals.com, about locating wireless devices through spectrum analysis using both directional and omni-directional antenna. 

In a nutshell, Keith said that it was easier to locate devices through spectrum analysis with an omni-directional antenna rather than a directional one. 

This is because if the RF energy is equal in every direction around you, the only way to locate a wireless device is to physically move closer until you see the signal stregth rise -the higher the amplitude, the closer you are to the device. 

Do you have a interesting tip, trick, or story about spectrum analysis?  Add it to the comments section below. 

Douglas J. Haider is a Consulting Systems Engineer with Cisco. He hosts a personal blog at WiFiJedi.com, and micro-blogs on Twitter @wifijedi

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