iPhone 5 / iOS 5.0 release date: Delay rumors and iPad 3?

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By Richi Jennings. March 27, 2011.

Yay, it's Apple rumor roundup time again, friends. Has the iOS 5.0 release date been delayed? Does that mean the iPhone 5 release date is also delayed? Could all this point to an iPad 3 in the fall? In this special IT Blogwatch late edition, bloggers debate, dispute, and discuss.

Your humble blogwatcher curated these bloggy bits for your entertainment. Not to mention The huge risk of drinking a glass of milk just seconds from the expiration date...


Update 2, March 28, 6.55pm EDT: Dan Moren opinion.

Update 1, March 28, 4.00am EDT: Ronald O Carlson comment.

Here's what MG Siegler's hearing:

iOS 5, the next major revamp of the software ... is not coming anytime soon ... we’ve heard from two solid sources. ... This would break the pattern of ... a summer launch alongside new iPhone hardware. ... iOS 5 will launch in the fall and will be a major revamp ... heavily built around the cloud.


The iOS 5 launch is also likely to coincide with the release of a new type of iPad. ... Very likely a “music locker” service. ... Much of the cloud stuff will first be talked about at WWDC ... in June. ... Likely a location service. ... We haven’t heard anything specifically about the ... iPhone 5 ... with this news, but I would guess that it’s still on track for ... release ... with a version of iOS 4.X.

Mark Gurman cogitates on the iOS SOP:

Major iOS upgrades are typically revealed ... February or March then previewed again ... June alongside a new iPhone, then released on or around the new iPhone’s availability date.


In terms of Apple launching a fifth-generation iPhone at WWDC with iOS 4 – it does not seem likely ... but could be possible. ... Apple also appears to still be working on iOS 4.x as they released an update yesterday. ... Apple is also rumored to launch a revamped MobileMe around April that is also heavily cloud-based.

Eric Slivka thinks ahead:

With the later timeframe for the iOS launch and Apple ... waiting until WWDC to offer the first glimpse at it, the company would presumably forgo its usual April media event.


The report offers no specific information on the fate of an iPhone update and whether that could also be pushed back to the fall timeframe. ... The fall release would reportedly also coincide with the release of a third-generation iPad.

But Rene Ritchie's not buying it:

While anything is possible, this doesn’t sound very much like Apple. Release numbers are marketing driven, not engineering driven. ... Competition is heating up with Google ... iterating Android at a breakneck pace, webOS hitting ... 3.0 this year, and the first BlackBerry QNX ... next month.


Going 18 months between iOS refreshes would be perceived as falling behind.

Apple b*tch agrees:

Recent rumors have suggested that the iPhone 5 will have an NFC component ... [and] cloud storage integration. ... Is it likely, therefore, that Apple would launch a new iPhone, with new features, but an old OS?  Perhaps. But it doesn’t seem like something Apple would do.


is it possible ... that Apple could introduce the iPhone 5 at the WWDC event but would not ship the device for another two months to allow for the continued development of iOS 5? ... Not terribly likely.

And Dan Frommer is in two minds:

It's almost April, and Apple hasn't done anything yet for iOS 5. ... Siegler ... also thinks that Apple could release a new iPad this fall. Perhaps.


If any of this is true, perhaps so is the FBR Capital Markets report ... that Apple hadn't even started firming up iPhone 5 orders yet, and that the device might not launch until September. Or perhaps none of this is true. ... We'll see.

 Ronald O Carlson quips, "What comes around goes around":

With Apple readying a major rewrite of ... OS X Lion for a Summer release, it perhaps shouldn’t surprise anyone that [iOS] won’t be arriving in the traditional June timeframe.


Before iPhone and iPad users start to whine ... remember that Mac OS X development was put on hold so Apple ... could concentrate on iOS — it’s about time they started carrying water for the rest of us.

Meanwhile, Dan Moren thinks he sees proof in the WWDC announcement:

This year’s WWDC attendees will be treated to “the future of iOS and Mac OS.” ... Apple’s announcement ... was designed to let us know that we’ll see neither hide nor hair of iOS 5 before June. ... Every single one of the tracks mentions and is applicable to both iOS and Mac OS X.


The company is serious about integrating features from iOS back into Mac OS X. Might we see a reciprocal effort? ... WWDC 2011 seems poised to bring what a politician might call an era of “increased cooperation” to the two platforms. ... These are two great tastes that taste great together.

And Finally...

Expiration: A lonely man takes a huge risk by drinking a glass of milk just seconds from the expiration date
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