Put your NFC-enabled smartphone to work

As NFC proliferates on new smartphones, we're entering the era of touch-and-go business.
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Way beyond mobile payments

If you've shopped for a smartphone lately, you've seen models that support Near Field Communication, a technology that wirelessly transfers snippets of information when you touch the phone to (or just hold it close to) another NFC device.

While the iPhone is a notable holdout (Apple uses a competing technology it calls iBeacons), NFC is currently available on several dozen Android, Windows Phone and BlackBerry smartphones. IHS Technology forecasts that sales of NFC phones will reach 1.2 billion units by 2018.

Using NFC for mobile payments has been slow to catch on, but you can put an NFC phone to good business use right now in a surprising number of ways, from printing to exchanging business-card info to automating routine tasks.

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