iOS 4.3 jailbreak untethered: iPhone 3Gs & 4, iPad, Apple TV...

An untethered jailbreak for Apple's iOS 4.3 has been demonstrated already. Also, a beta tethered JB has been released, but there are still limitations. It works for iPad, iPhone 3Gs, iPhone 4, and Apple TV, but sadly not the iPad 2 -- yet. Keep an eye on this if you want non-Jobs-authorized apps on the fresh OS. But watch out -- or you might get an iBrick.

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By Richi Jennings. March 11, 2011.

Updated March 14 (see full update list at end).

Wow. Apple hackers showed off an untethered iOS 4.3 jailbreak already. It should work on iPhone 3Gs, 4, iPad, and even the Apple TV (not sure about any iPod Touch yet). But, as ever, we recommend caution -- unless you love the bleeding edge. In IT Blogwatch, bloggers chorus, "That was quick."

Your humble blogwatcher curated these bloggy bits for your entertainment. Not to mention What Pi sounds like...


David Saetang is literally literal:

It was literally yesterday ... that Apple released iOS 4.3 ... a little over 24 hours later, it’s already been jailbroken. ... People are getting much faster at messing with Apple software. ... An untethered jailbreak for iOS 4.3 has already been created.


For those unfamiliar with the terminology, “unthethered” means that you don’t need to keep jailbreaking ... whenever you ... restart it. ... To be realistic, this shouldn’t come to anyone as any real shock, given that the iOS 4.3 beta for developers was jailbroken way before iOS 4.2.1.

  Tony Smith registers his interest:

[It's] good news for anyone who wants to install apps that haven't made it through ... the Mac maker's iTunes App Store vetting process. ... As yet, you can't use the jailbreak. It has been demo'd on video - nothing to see, just ... Cydia, running.


Hopefully ... iOS hackers the iPhone Dev Team ... will be back up shortly with updated jailbreaking tools.

Taimas Arbabi is short and sweet:

This seems nice. Didn't take that long before the iOS 4.3 got jailbroken ;-)

    Casey Butt tells us who brought us the video:

Seems like Stefan Esser is successful. ... If you are unaware of Stefan Esser, he has worked in different security tracks over the years and is considered as a good security expert. ... Now we can see him devoting himself for the jailbreak lovers.


All thanks to Stefan Esser and iPhone Dev Team.

  And Mark Gurman says it's not just for iPads and iPhones:

An untethered jailbreak for the new Apple TV update is now available with Seas0nPass. ... The Seas0nPass jailbreak comes from the folks at Firecore and all you need to do is download the jailbreak here.


Seas0nPass also includes some fun extras like NitoTV. The latest Apple TV update adds MLB and NBA TV integration and other new features.

  But BigBoss urges caution:

With 4.3 comes apple’s implementation of address space layout randomization (ASLR). ... This will mess up the way mobile substrate works. You will need a new mobile substrate in order to use your favorite tweaks.


So you should definitely avoid 4.3 until an “official” jailbreak is released for it.

Update 2: MuscleNerd has good news and bad for iPad 2 owners:

iPad2 bootrom version iBoot-838.3 means it was compiled March'10. Seems geohot guessed right: limera1n was already closed.


Confirming iPad2 is carrier unlocked ... completely expected, just confirming it for those who want to use T-Mobile instead of AT&T. Doesn't apply to [iPhone 4].

Update 3: iH8sn0w released a beta of Sn0wbreeze for iOS 4.3:

For people that want to play around with 4.3 or preserve their baseband. -- ... BETA for a reason.


To boot after using sn0wbreeze 2.3, use the iBooty that is placed on your desktop.

And Finally...

What Pi sounds like

[hat tip: Win7News; bonus link: Highsign]

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Update 1, March 11, 1.55pm EST: remove iPhone 3G error.
Update 2, March 12, 6.50am EST: add comment from MuscleNerd.
Update 3, March 13, 8.30am EDT: add comment from iH8sn0w.
Update 4, March 14, 4.45am EDT: clarify demo is untethered but GP is tethered.

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