Wearable Android? New platform promises futuristic Google gizmos

By JR Raphael (@jr_raphael)

Paging Dick Tracy: The Android-powered "smart watch" may be coming soon to a store near you.

Oh yeah -- and it can function as a belt clip, too.

Wearable Android WIMM Watch

Have you heard about this thing? A company called WIMM Labs has just announced a new "wearable platform" based on Google's mobile operating system. The concept is to put smartphone-like functionality into a tiny screen that works in a variety of portable, wearable gadgets. In addition to watches and belts, WIMM envisions its technology being embedded into pendants, wallets, remote controls, and even bicycle handlebars.

IMAGE GALLERY: Wearable Android concept devices

WIMM's wearable tech isn't just straight Android, though. In what could be a distinguishing factor from past attempts at this sort of product, WIMM's gizmos will run on a custom platform with its own set of specialized "micro apps." WIMM is putting together its own software development kit and wearable tech app store; it's already working with a small group of developers and hopes to have more on-board within the next couple of months.

WIMM Labs Android Platform

All WIMM devices will include a core set of WIMM apps. Some of them will interact with your phone, like a caller ID display, SMS preview, and lost phone warning; others will offer more basic standalone functions like a calendar viewer, weather center, and world clock. Add-on apps could then target specific interest areas such as fitness, media interaction, and so on.

Some noteworthy specs and features of WIMM's new wearable Android technology:

  • 1.4-inch touchscreen display that activates upon touch
  • Wi-Fi and Bluetooth support
  • Accelerometer and magnetometer for motion tracking
  • Audible and tactile alerts
  • Up to 32GB memory
  • Water-resistant hardware
  • Web and smartphone interfaces (Android, BlackBerry, and iOS) for remote device management

Also interesting: WIMM's efforts are being funded by Foxconn -- you know, that company that makes all those various iThingamajigs.



WIMM doesn't expect to sell its devices directly to consumers; rather, it's working with manufacturers and developers who will build and sell their own custom WIMM-based creations. The company says it hopes to have its first WIMM device on the market by the end of the year.

Want a closer look at some of the wearable Android tech that could come our way? Check out the image gallery for a glimpse at some of WIMM's concept devices, and watch the video below to see the platform in action. 

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