Gingerbread, anyone?

By JR Raphael (@jr_raphael)

Man -- I don't know about you, but with all the Gingerbread being served up this week, I'm gonna need to go on a serious diet.


Google's Android 2.3 upgrade has been spreading like wildfire these past several days, with seven 10 phones starting rollouts and six four more getting promising news for the near future. Keeping track of this stuff is practically a full-time job -- but hey, that's what I'm here for.

I've put together a quick roundup of all this week's fresh Gingerbread news. If you don't see your phone mentioned, you can check on its status over at my Android 2.3 upgrade list; it's regularly updated with everything I know about every phone's fate. You can also click over to my Android Gingerbread FAQ for a closer look at what the tasty-sounding upgrade will do for your device.

But enough chit-chat -- here's the scoop on all the latest Gingerbread developments.

This week's great Gingerbread news:

• Motorola Atrix: Upgrade now available for Atrix users on AT&T. Go to Motorola's Software Update page to manually download the software.

• LG G2x: Rollout now underway (following a false alarm last week). T-Mobile is pushing the upgrade out to users in waves, meaning it may take a few weeks for it to reach all phones.

• HTC G2: Rollout started on Wednesday. Same drill as the G2x: It's being sent over-the-air to a subset of users each day and may take some time to make its way to everyone.

• MyTouch 4G: Rollout is slowly occurring; T-Mobile says it may continue "through the end of the year." Don't despair, though: Starting next Friday, August 5, you can go into any T-Mobile store to have your phone manually upgraded.

• Samsung Galaxy Ace: Gingerbread upgrade available as of Thursday. Load up Sammy's Kies software to get started.

• Samsung Galaxy Tab (7 inch): Android 2.3 upgrade is heading out to original Tab users in the U.K. right now.

• HTC Incredible S: Gingerbread's officially en route to Incredible S users in Canada. (Verizon is still in the process of rolling out Android 2.3 to the U.S. version of the phone, the Droid Incredible 2, as well; according to the carrier, any users who have yet to receive the upgrade should be getting it very soon.)

• Motorola Droid X2: Verizon has posted info about the Droid X2's Gingerbread upgrade on its official Software Update page and appears to be sending the software out to a limited group of test users today. Typically, a full rollout starts soon after those steps, so stay tuned. [UPDATE: As of late Friday, the Droid X2 rollout is officially underway! Verizon says the rollout will happen in the standard wave-based manner, so it may take a few weeks for the software reach everyone.]

• Sony Xperia X10: Sony said it was starting the X10's Gingerbread upgrade this week -- then, a day later, changed its mind and said it wasn't quite ready. (Yes, this is the same phone that Sony flip-flopped on once before. Clearly, communication is not the company's strong suit.) The latest word from Sony is that a rollout is "imminent" and engineers just need "some more days" to get everything finalized. [UPDATE:'s back on! Sony says the upgrade is underway as of Friday and should be finished within about a week.] 

• Kyocera Echo: An unofficial Sprint document leaked this week suggests the Echo's 2.3 upgrade will begin on Monday, August 1. Sprint hasn't confirmed anything, so take the timing with a grain of salt for the moment -- but the fact that the Echo is now a part of the Gingerbread discussion is definitely a promising sign. [UPDATE: Sprint has now confirmed that the Echo's upgrade is, in fact, beginning as of Monday. Kyocera has also now updated its website with some additional details.] 

This week's pretty good Gingerbread news:



• HTC Inspire 4G: AT&T released a statement this week promising that the Inspire will be upgraded to Gingerbread in August.

• Samsung Infuse 4G, LG Phoenix and Pantech Crossover: That same statement says all AT&T Android phones released in 2011 will get the 2.3 upgrade -- officially putting these three phones on the Gingerbread roadmap. (AT&T also confirmed that its Samsung Captivate Galaxy S device will be upgraded, but we've known that for some time.)

[UPDATE (8/1/11): There's also now news about the HTC Desire's long-discussed Gingerbread upgrade, though I wouldn't necessarily describe it as "good" or "great."]

Whew -- some week, eh? On top of all that, Google's Android 3.2 upgrade is also making its way to Honeycomb tablets bit by bit right now. So keep your eyes open: With any luck, it won't be long till your device gets its due dessert.

JR Raphael writes about smartphones and other tasty technology. You can find him on Facebook, Twitter, or Google+.

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