Why the Google+ Android app leaves the Facebook app in the dust

Not impressed with the Facebook Android app? Join the club. I find it confusing and sometimes buggy, especially on a Honeycomb tablet. The Google+ Android app, however, is a winner.

Unlike the Facebook Android app, the Google+ Android app is simple to use, well-organized, and dare I say it, even a pleasure. It hasn't crashed a single time in the time I've been using it.

What's best about it, though, is that it adds features to Google+ that the Web version doesn't have. One big plus (or maybe I should say big +) is that it's location-aware. You can choose to see posts only from people near you, which can lead to very useful local discussions. I've already seen one in which a woman has asked if anyone near her has a very specific bike pump (someone did), which then turned into a discussion about rock climbing in the Boston area. It's a great melding of social networking and location awareness.

There's another feature the app has that the Web doesn't --- Huddles, which is a way to set up group text messaging.

As I write in my Computeworld review, the app isn't perfect. Navigation can be confusing, and there's no Hangout feature. And Google should also create a tablet version to use all that extra screen real estate.

Still, Google + is a winner. If you've tried the Facebook Android app and come away frustrated, give it a try.

For more details, read Hands on: The Google+ Android app is a winner.

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