Apple iPad 2 release date rumors -- February 2011

Apple's iPad 2 will be shipping in March 2011, or so say the rumors, at least. Look for a launch in February. Read on for tales of near-field communication, carbon cases, and smaller screens.

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By Richi Jennings. February 7, 2011.

Apple is planning to launch the iPad 2 in February, with a release date in March, say the latest rumors. In IT Blogwatch, bloggers await the putative pomaceous preciousss.

Your humble blogwatcher curated these bloggy bits for your entertainment. Not to mention How not to load a French tank onto a truck...


Jeremy Horwitz mongers rumors:

Apple is actively developing new accessories that will communicate with the near-field radio chips reportedly built into new iPads and iPhones. ... It’s possible that the company will use a new material similar to carbon fiber rather than aluminum for upcoming iPads. ... Apple is continuing to keep the idea of a smaller-screened iPad alive despite having pooh-poohed competing 7”-screened devices as “tweeners.”


Some of the information is very preliminary. ... Take all of this with the requisite grains of salt.

And Danbo-san asks, "??????????????":

Apple seems to open a small event to introduce next generation of iPad. Release date seems to be considered at March, though it's not clear if it will be started at the same time all over the world..

Katie Marsal weighs up the claims:

Of all the rumors, the inclusion of NFC capabilities in the second-gen iPad appears most likely. ... Apple [is] seeking hardware engineers familiar with radio-frequency identification (RFID).


[It's also] reported that [Apple] is actively testing NFC-enabled iPhone prototypes using hardware from NXP Semiconductor.

Joe Minihane chops the chatter:

With iOS 4.3 mooted for release this time next week, it’s perhaps not unreasonable to surmise that the iPad 2 won’t be far behind the software update.


With a slew of case and screen leaks in recent weeks, there’s no doubt that the iPad 2 will soon be with us. But until Apple sends out event invites ... an exact date remains unknown.

And Rachel King talks timing:

Normally Apple tends to announced next-gen iPhone and iPad models in January (and June), but we didn’t get anything truly new last month. The big event was all about the current iPhone's availability with a new carrier, Verizon.


It's possible that Apple didn't want to overshadow this news, thus holding off the iPad 2 until after February 10 when the Verizon iPhone hits shelves.

Meanwhile, Stuart Dredge's tipster has an unusual pedigree:

Sextuagenarian pop star Elton John has blurred the boundaries ... predicting an April launch date for Apple's new tablet in a series of interviews. ... We're not kidding you. This morning, we ... overheard snatches of an Elton interview where he talked about not liking gadgets, but also about plans to get an iPad in April for video-calling his new son.


He said exactly the same thing before in an interview ... last week. "I'm a Luddite. I don't have a phone, I don't have a computer. ... But this is going to be a problem for me because they're coming out with a Skype iPad in April and I've got to get one because I want to see my son when I'm not there."


A Skype iPad? That'll be the widely anticipated second-generation version of Apple's tablet, toting front and rear cameras presumably. ... Perhaps Apple will give John and partner David Furnish a pair ahead of the launch.

For a roundup of other iPad 2 rumors, just ask Jonny Evans, poetic fanboi extraordinaire:

iPad 2.0 is coming and where v.1 was magical, v. 2 could be poetry, maybe, just believe. ... We'll see Apple sell at least five million of these in the first few months. ... I've been sifting through the recent iPad 2.0 rumors.

And Finally...

How not to load a French tank onto a truck

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