Report says Windows Phone 7 to nearly overtake iOS in 2012

Windows Phone 7 has had a less-than-stellar 2011, but a new report claims that by next year, Windows Phone 7 will nearly overtake iOS, with Android significantly beating both.

According to the China Post, the Market Intelligence Center (MIC), part of Taiwan's Institute for the Information Industry, says that in 2012, Android will have a 40% market share, with iOS weighing in at 19%, and Windows Phone 7 just behind at 17%.

That would be a big win for Microsoft, which has been stymied in its attempt to get the struggling smartphone operating system a larger market share.

If Windows Phone 7 does gain that kind of traction, it will clearly be due to the deal with Nokia.

MIC hasn't yet publicly backed up its market share claims, but I'd like a look at the data and assumptions. To skyrocket to that size market share by next year would be a major achievement for an operating system that so far has been largely greeted with a yawn from consumers. Clearly, MIC is expecting Nokia to use its market clout to boost Windows Phone 7.

My guess is that Windows Phone 7 won't come close to iOS next year. If it does, though, Microsoft will have a winner on its hands.

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