Hotel wireless brings on phantom friends

I'm new to the MacBook, and I'm used to surprises from my many years in the Windows world. But when I fired up my laptop and launched the wireless connection at my hotel this morning I was a bit creeped out to find the Macs of several of my neighbors showing up under the "Shared" section of my Finder window.


Elizabeth and Migiziwag presented a "connect as" button; the rest of my neighbors offered to share screens. Can they see me as well?

I've decided not to ask.

Instead I went into my Mac's sharing settings, unclicked everything (only shared printing was checked) and tried, unsuccessfully, to delete the computer name.

Is this normal? Or do I need to tweak some security settings? I've made a note to check in with CW's Mac experts when I get back home. 

Update:  I wasn't he only person who was surprised about this. Later that morning I met with an IT architect who was shocked to find that her MacBook appeared in *my* Finder window. When I tried to connect I was, as is mentioned below, prompted for a password. I didn't have it so I asked permission. Then she received a pop up connection request (she didn't accept!). As I sat working near the registration area at the conference, peoples' MacBooks popped in and out of my Finder window as they came and went  - a kind of primitive location-based service.

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