Deutsche Bank eyes social media rollout

When Morgan Stanley Smith Barney said it would allow some of its financial advisors to use Twitter to communicate with customers, others in the financial took notice. "Now we have our own plan" following a meeting this week to consider details, said John Stepper, managing director at Deutsche Bank.

Using services like Twitter and Facebook are a particular challenge in industries like financial services and healthcare due to strict regulations on issues such as data storage and privacy.

Deutsche Bank's social media council has worked for awhile to connect employees internally, Stepper told the 140 Characters Conference in New York this morning. They have an enterprise platform helping people in similar jobs across the large multinational company to connect. However, after the Morgan Stanley announcement, there were questions within the bank about how that was possible; and the internal organization met this week to discuss whether to begin communicating with external customers that way. Stepper did not discuss specifics such as if plans are firm and when a formal announcement might come.

The Morgan Stanley move "really created quite a buzz in the financial services industry," said Lori Feldman, director branded & social media marketing, Citi Global Transaction Service.

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