Motorola wages war with iPad in new tablet teaser video

Article copyright 2010 JR Raphael. All rights reserved.

Motorola's ready to take on the world of tablets -- and it's more than willing to make a few enemies in the process.

Motorola Tablet

Moto posted a saucy new video over the weekend teasing its upcoming Android tablet. The video, entitled "Tablet Evolution," takes some not-so-subtle shots at both Apple and Samsung: It knocks the iPad for being "like a giant iPhone," then goes on to say the Galaxy Tab runs "Android OS for a phone."

The clip ends with an image of a cloaked Motorola tablet followed by a buzzing bee -- presumably signifying the tablet's inclusion of Honeycomb, the next-generation edition of Google's Android software -- along with the words "CES 2011." (The Consumer Electronics Show, known as CES, takes place January 6 through 9 in Las Vegas.)

Check out the video for yourself:

Motorola's clearly thrown down the gauntlet -- so what does the company actually have in store? Click over to the next page for a roundup of everything we know so far.

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Article copyright 2010 JR Raphael. All rights reserved.

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